More Volunteers Urgently Needed

YOUR Association is in urgent need of volunteers.

Please choose to be an active part of YOUR Association!!!


Thank you to those who have volunteered.   We still need more!!!!

It is important that YOU, the members, remember YOUR Association is run, organized and operated by YOU, and as volunteers YOU make it possible for YOUR Association to be active in YOUR community. More volunteers are required so that the same people are not doing all the work all the time. We have over 130 members and only approximately 20% are actively volunteering.

Please contact Ann Carter (email:  –  phone: 250-768-5009) to put your name on the volunteer register.

The Executive is urgently appealing to the YOU, the members, to be part of YOUR Association and volunteer by choosing to take part in one or more of the following areas:



-Christmas Banquet

-Require 10 people immediately to help with the Christmas Pot Luck

-Arranging for pickup of meat

-Cooking meat

-Arranging for gifts for children

-Set up and decorating

-Greeting guests at door

-Clean up after

-Miscellaneous areas as needed


Major Fund Raiser – Game Banquet

-Require 12 to 14 people immediately to organize the Game Banquet committee and proceed with organizing. There are detailed instruction manuals on procedures and organizing as well as people to contact if you have questions.



-Telephone member contact team

-Manning information tables at functions





-Newsletter Articles


Shooting Range







Fishing Forever & Shannon Lake Youth Fishing



-Arranging new programs and functions throughout the year

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