Thank You Bald Range Work Party

Hi all,
I just want to thank all of you for spending your Saturday morning working to help restore the Bald Range pocket grassland, instead of going off and having fun doing something less productive…
It was great meeting you all and working with you and I feel satisfied that we achieved a good beginning at healing that big scar that runs down through the middle of Bald Range. It will be interesting to have a look a year from now, or even after the next rainstorm. I’m certain our check dams will have worked to slow the water and begin to fill in that gully.
As you could see, there’s lots left to do, so perhaps I’ll be in touch again to see if you’re up to stretching those muscles another day.
I don’t have everyone’s e-mail, so please extend my thanks to friends you brought with you.
It’s amazing what you can accomplish if everyone pulls together. It seemed insurmountable at the beginning, but we got a lot done.
Thanks again,

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