Room for New Faces

With retirement of a number of long-time directors of the Peachland Sportsmens Associations, there is space on the executive for some new faces to be elected at this year’s annual general meeting April 19. First though, check to make sure you’ve paid up your membership dues for 2017. If you let that lapse, not only do you lose your right to vote at the PSA agm and participate in the many club activities; but you also lose your subscription to B.C. Outdoors magazine that is a perk of our membership in the B.C. Wildlife Federation. You lose your BCWF membership and its insurance program, as well as being part of a 50,000-strong lobby group for conservation of our fish and wildlife resource and the habitat they require.

It’s vital people like members of the PSA band together to ensure we continue to have access to fish and wildlife resources in B.C., and that those resources are carefully tended so our children’s children will also be able to enjoy our spectacular outdoor recreational opportunities. And, it only costs a few dollars a year. PSA membership dues are payable at the beginning of each calendar year.

At this year’s agm members will also vote on a proposal to increase dues by $20 a year, effective immediately.

Paid-up members will elect a new executive at that meeting, and the posts of treasurer, secretary, membership coordinator and fund-raising chair must be filled.

It’s your turn to step up and help guide this club into its fourth decade.

The responsibilities of secretary are simply to take notes at monthly meetings and write the occasional letter. The time commitment is not substantial.

A new membership coordinator is needed immediately. Computer and communication skills are needed to process memberships and keep track of them; report to the BCWF; respond to enquiries and send out e-mails to the membership. It’s estimated this requires a commitment of about 15 hours a month. As well, the club is in need of a new treasurer who can handle the banking, pay bills and do the accounting needed to run the organization. Fund-raising chair is a new post, so anyone with some organizational skills and ideas can develop the position into what suits them.

Everyone interested in playing a role in moving the PSA forward, please be sure to attend the regular meetings held the third Wednesday of the month at the Peachland Community Centre, beginning at 7:30 p.m. If you’re willing to step up and volunteer to help out with one of the vacant executive positions, contact president Brent Froehlich, or if you wish to nominate someone, do so at the agm.

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