Proposed Changes to Ammunition Storage by Natural Resources Canada

The changes require — for the first time in Canada — gun owners to lock away all ammunition. At present, guns must be locked, but not ammunition. The proposed rules will require all gun owners to install a locking box or safe in their homes.

Toronto lawyer Ed Burlew, one of Canada’s leading experts in firearms law, described the proposed regulatory changes as “monstrous.” He said police already routinely charge lawful firearms owners with unsafe storage — a criminal charge — and that with the changes, more otherwise lawful citizens will be criminalized.

“It is not unintended consequences,” Burlew said. “This is a move to increase the ability of police to prosecute firearms owners for regulatory infractions.”

The draft regulations, made public recently, are currently in a 75-day review period. The public has been invited to tell Natural Resources Canada if they have concerns — before the end of June — and the final regulations will come into force in the late summer or early fall.


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