There WILL be a Game Banquet March 24, 2018

The Peachland Sportsmen’s Association’s major fund-raiser is back March 24, 2018.

The annual game dinner, with raffles, draws and other games, is a big event that’s lots of fun for the whole family and the proceeds allow the club to fund activities such as habitat enhancement projects for fish and game. However, the fewer members who are willing to share a bit of their time and energy to help put it on, the more work it is for the remainder.

Please contact us with regard as to how you will be able to help, in any way, with the banquet.  We are starting committees now and definitely require your help.

The old saying “many hands make light work,” certainly applies to this event. The template exists so no one needs to come forward and re-invent the wheel, but other members must take part.

The sooner teams commence, the sooner we are organized and will accomplish a great outcome. If you’re willing to play a part in making that happen, please send your name and contact information to Secretary Ann Carter at

The Banquet Committee is in immediate need of volunteers to step forward to manage a few areas:

  1. Decoration and Set-Up Manager We need a volunteer to look after all of the Hall and table decorations as well as manage the set-up and tear down
  2. Decoration and Set-Up Helpers We need at least six people to join the decoration and set-up team
  3. Meat Donation Manager We need a volunteer who is able to look after managing all aspects of meat donations including solicitation and collection, of meat and communications with the Catering team
  4. Meat Donations Without meat it’s pretty hard to have a Game Dinner! We need everyone who has fish and game in the freezer to dig deep and give back some of the bounty they have been blessed with – Until such time as Meat Donation Manager makes an appearance please call me directly at 250-767-6690 or send me an email at to let me know what you have to donate. We typically are looking for about 350 pounds in total
  5. Door Manager We need someone willing to manage the doors to the event, collect tickets, and work with Security to ensure the front face of the event runs smoothly. This person will be required to recruit at least one other person to assist them.
  6. Ticket Sellers For the selling of drink tickets, strip tickets, horn pulls, loonie toss and various raffles we anticipate needing at least ten volunteers
  7. If you were the contact person for a prize or donation over the past couple years, see if you can bring that support back to the event this year. If you have not been involved in solicitation of prizes and donations but are willing to make a donation or know of another person or business that might, please give Ann Carter a call or send her an email. Her number is 250-768-5009. Email is

In addition, we require volunteers for bussing tables, clean-up, serving food, distributing prizes and scrutinizing during the live auction.

We do not have a definitive day when tickets will go on sale, but as soon as they are available members will be notified. People who are spending the majority of the evening acting in a volunteer capacity will not be required to pay for their ticket.

So please consider being a volunteer, dig deep for meat in the freezer and open your wallet to sponsor a prize!

Plans are being made to hold more fund-raisers in 2018, so be prepared to join in those activities as well. Your participation helps make this a vibrant club for everyone.

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