No Game Banquet This Year

The Peachland Sportsmen’s Association’s major fund-raiser has had to be cancelled this year due to a lack of volunteers.

The annual game dinner, with raffles, draws and other games, is a big event that’s lots of fun for the whole family and the proceeds allow the club to fund activities such as habitat enhancement projects for fish and game. However, the fewer members who are willing to share a bit of their time and energy to help put it on, the more work it is for the remainder.

This year the club executive was unable to find someone prepared to lead the effort so in January, they were forced to cancel it, after many decades.

For much of that time, the same volunteers worked hard to make the club event a reality, but many of them are not as spry as they used to be, and it’s now time for new, younger people to come forward to step into their shoes and help out.

The old saying “many hands make light work,” certainly applies to this event. The template exists so no one needs to come forward and re-invent the wheel, but other members must take on the roles they have done in the past.

If you’re disappointed this year’s event won’t happen, put your name forward to help put on a game banquet in 2018, to ensure there will be one next year.

The sooner some of that work commences, the more certainty there is it can happen next year. If you’re willing to play a part in making that happen send your name and contact information to president Brent Froelich at

Plans are afoot to hold some different fund-raisers this year, so be prepared to join in those activities as well. Your participation helps make this a vibrant club for you and everyone else.

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