Fishing Forever ….. by Judie Steeves

Catch of the Day

Both the lake and the eyes of the 40 or so people with special needs sparkled Sat., July 21 in Peachland as they fished for the big one off the dock or along the lake downtown, with the help of some 50 or so volunteers from the Peachland Sportsman’s Association.
Peachland Lions then flipped burgers and hotdogs provided by Peachland IGA for lunch for all involved and served refreshments to the delighted anglers.


Fishing Forever is a program of the B.C. Wildlife Federation, with events organized around the province every year. It’s been an annual event for many years in Peachland, organized by Al Springer, who is also now head of the BCWF committee responsible for Fishing Forever.


Excited laughter and big grins greeted the volunteers who helped cast lines out into the water and show new anglers how to feel when they’ve got a fish on the line. But, the biggest job is probably that done behind the scenes by the many seasoned anglers who repair and unravel tackle after it’s got caught on the rocks or amongst the weeds and a line has broken.
New rods, already prepared for the day by volunteers, replace the ones with the broken line and another angler gets back to the day’s business, sitting by the water in the sun and catching fish.


It’s a day’s outing that is obviously an exciting opportunity for participants, and it’s rewarding for volunteers as well to help bring a few hours of happiness to these anglers.


At this year’s event, Linn Patterson received a trophy for catching the largest and the first fish, for her three carp, which were nearly two feet in length.


Second was Rob Roseberry who landed a just-slightly smaller carp, while tied for third were Lucy Depatie and Nette Elfaure.
Eyvonne Johnston caught the smallest fish.


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