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Details of Assessing hunting regulation changes in the Kootenays
File Description
Interesting data presented in slide format on evaluating changes in hunting regulations in the Kootenay’s.

This was presented at the BCWF 2012 AGM in Courtney

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Details of BCWF_Allocations_2012_Addison
File Description
By Chris Addison
This was presented at the BCWF 2012 AGM in Courtney
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Details of Kuzyk_Mule Deer BCWF – April 26 2012
File Description
Challenges to preserving mule deer populations.
Presented by Gerry Kuzyk at the BCWF 2012 AGM in Courtney
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Details of Wildlife Management in BC_High Level Issues
File Description
Wildlife Management in BC_High Level Issues

Presented by Ian Hatter at the BCWF 2012 AGM in Courtney

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PSA Executive & Directors



3. Kyle Lindsay

About Me

3. Kyle Lindsay – 2nd Vice President



Shooting Facility Coordinator/Orientation Facilitator




1. Geoff Hartland

About Me

1. Geoff Hartland – President

President  of the PSA since April 2017.


2. Rick Simpson

About Me

2. Rick Simpson – Vice-President

Rick has been involved with the BC Wildlife Federation at a regional level in the Okanagan for several years. Rick is passionate about fish, habitat restoration, and seeing youth enjoy the outdoors.


4. Ann Carter, Secretary

About Me

4. Ann Carter – Secretary



5. Elisa Walker

About Me

5. Elisa Walker, Treasurer

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Grizzly Bears: Anti-Hunting Groups Evade Science

SURREY- The media frenzy that usually accompanies the April 1st opening of the spring bear hunt season has come in full gear, and the BC Wildlife Federation (BCWF) is disappointed that anti-hunting activists are evading science, the mortar used to build the foundation of sustainable wildlife management in BC. Anti-hunting activists claimed that grizzly bear populations were declining to the point of extinction in BC, but science-based population models have proved them wrong.


Rodney Wiebe, BCWF President says, “By simply claiming it is wrong to hunt bears and the hunt should be stopped on moral grounds ignores the fact that bears and other predator populations need to be managed because of other imbalances caused by human activities and gives no consideration for the values of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, which is based on scientific management and sustainable use.”


A 2003 report from an independent panel of the world’s most recognized bear scientists confirmed the province’s grizzly bear management is effective and population estimates are sound. The province has developed systems to monitor bear populations relying on science and data partially obtained through compulsory inspection of hunter harvested bears. This independent review concluded that both hunting and non-consumptive use are acceptable in the management planning process.


Last year’s grizzly bear mortalities increased over the 2010 figure, exactly what was predicted by anyone monitoring bear populations and bear/ human conflict numbers.  But the grizzly bear harvest and total mortalities were still well below the management goals of 6%.  In fact, the total mortality, including human conflict and highway/ railway collisions, was only 2.4%. Studies have shown that grizzly bears in BC can reproduce at a rate of 8% per year or more.


Wiebe stated, “The BCWF has worked collaboratively with the David Suzuki Foundation and other NGOs on habitat and environmental issues in the past and looks forward to doing the same to address the greater risks to bear conservation such as resource development and habitat fragmentation. Working from a solid footing built on science rather than emotion will provide better managed wildlife populations across BC.”


To view this and past BCWF news releases, visit our News Release page on the BCWF website (

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Proposed Changes to Ammunition Storage by Natural Resources Canada

The changes require — for the first time in Canada — gun owners to lock away all ammunition. At present, guns must be locked, but not ammunition. The proposed rules will require all gun owners to install a locking box or safe in their homes.

Toronto lawyer Ed Burlew, one of Canada’s leading experts in firearms law, described the proposed regulatory changes as “monstrous.” He said police already routinely charge lawful firearms owners with unsafe storage — a criminal charge — and that with the changes, more otherwise lawful citizens will be criminalized.

“It is not unintended consequences,” Burlew said. “This is a move to increase the ability of police to prosecute firearms owners for regulatory infractions.”

The draft regulations, made public recently, are currently in a 75-day review period. The public has been invited to tell Natural Resources Canada if they have concerns — before the end of June — and the final regulations will come into force in the late summer or early fall.


Find your MP:

Mailing list for email/letters

Prime Minister Stephen Harper:  [email][/email]

Minister Joe Oliver – (613) 996-2007 – [email][/email]

Deputy Minister Serge Dupont – (613) 992-3280 – [email][/email]

Associate Deputy Minister Karren Ellis – (613) 996-9753 – [email][/email]


Christopher G. Watson – (613) 948-5170 – [email][/email]

And do not forget to CC your MP.

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Dale Wittich Claims Second Prize in BCWF Lottery

 BCWF Announces Conservation Lottery Winners

SURREY, BC – After almost five months of ticket sales, six lucky ticket holders from across the province won the top prizes in the BC Wildlife Federation’s (BCWF) first annual Conservation Lottery on Monday April 2, 2012.


Over 5500 tickets were sold by BCWF members from throughout BC, with the proceeds from the Lottery going towards BCWF Club conservation projects.


“We are delighted with the results of our inaugural Conservation Lottery,” said BCWF President, Rod Wiebe. “We look forward to partnering with BCWF affiliated clubs from around the province to help them fulfill conservation projects in their communities.”


Robert Roesner of Fort St. John is the winner of the first prize, the coveted 2011 Yamaha Grizzly 550 ATV, autographed by the Beasley Brothers from “Canada in the Rough” and valued at over $13,000.


Dale Wittich, member  of the Peachland Sportsmen’s Association claimed the second prize, the 14ft Sylvan Seabreeze boat with Karavan trailer and Minn Kota motor, valued at $3,000.


The winner of the $1,000 Husky Oil gift certificate is Helen Bressler of Vancouver.


The $1,000 gift certificate from Future Shop was won by Wayne Hopp of Jaffray.


The proud owner of the fifth prize, a ladies sapphire and diamond ring, valued at $800, is Glenna Richards of Tofino.


Lastly, the winner of the sixth and final prize, a $500 gift certificate from Italian Sporting Goods, is John Abbis of Sparwood.


To view this and past BCWF news releases, visit the News Release page on the BCWF website (

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Calling All Lynx (Links)

I was approached by Mike Molloy at our last meeting where we got discussing the new website. Mike was explaining to me how useful the internet is for finding information on hunting and fishing spots. He explained before he heads out into the field, he always spends some hunting time first on the computer.


Start checking out our Lynx (Links) page for some excellent resource information that you can use to research some great spots or information on various topics. We would also like to hear from you if you have anything to share.


Simply reply to this post.

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PSA Pot-Luck & AGM

The PSA will hold its Annual General Meeting this coming month on Wednesday, April 18th at the Peachland Community Hall. Martha Jenkins and her excellent team of volunteers will have a fantastic meal prepared along with lots of prizes for the kids.

Following the dinner, we will hold our AGM where a new slate of officers and directors will be up for election. Come on out and have an excellent meal and help elect this years new executive and directors.

The festivities get under way at 6:00 so don’t be late. Why don’t you bring someone with you who may be interested in joining the PSA. View the pictures

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BC Wildlife Federation AGM & Convention

April 25-28, 2012 | Courtenay BC
Co-hosted by the Courtenay and District Fish & Game Protective Association

The BCWF AGM & Convention is set to kick off on April 28th in Courtney. The PSA will be sending two voting delegates along with two youth delegates to this years convention. I love the theme for this years convention. It also paralells the old saying… No Habitat, No Wildlife.  Don’t forget, any of our club members can attend the convention. If you plan on being in or around Courtney at this time, you should plan on attending the convention.

You can register and pay on the BCWF website:

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