Meat Donations Needed for Banquet

The Peachland Sportsmens Association is excited to be holding its Fundraiser Banquet on February 9, 2013 in the Community Hall on Beach Avenue.
At the Banquet, we like to have a great time and enjoy a delicious wild game meal. This means we need donations of meat.
So if you or your friends were lucky enough to harvest some fish or game this year, we would love it if you could make a generous donation of meat to help us make the banquet a great success.
In order to get their menu planned out the caterers need to have meat donation amounts determined sooner rather than later, so if you are able to make a donation please get in contact with John Koehle at: or 250 826 3453 or bring it along to our Annual Potluck Dinner on December 12 2012 at the Community Hall on Beach Avenue.
Thank You

Mark Coleman, Membership
Peachland Sportsmen’s Association
PO Box 1277
Peachland, BC V0H 1X0

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Steeves/Trail Mix: MPs now can decide whether to conserve B.C. salmon

By Judie Steeves – Kelowna Capital News
Published: November 01, 2012 2:00 PM
Updated: November 01, 2012 2:18 PM
It won’t satisfy the most radical environmentalists, nor those on the opposite end of the spectrum, but it’s a measured, thoughtful, firm set of recommendations to save the salmon.
Commissioner Bruce Cohen made 75 recommendations to improve the future sustainability of the Fraser River salmon fishery, following more than two years of hearings and nearly a thousand submissions by the public, in a 1,191-page report.
Although he stopped short of calling for removal of all net-pen fish farms in the Discovery Islands off the coast of B.C., he did recommend a freeze on salmon farm production in the area until scientific work is completed into the impacts of such aquatic farms on migrating wild stocks.
That must be completed before Sept. 30, 2020 and if by then the Department of Fisheries and Oceans can’t confidently say the risk of serious harm to wild stocks is minimal, then all net-pen salmon farms should be prohibited there.
If it’s discovered before then that the salmon farms pose more than a minimal risk, the existing farms should be removed immediately, he wrote.
He also wrote of his concerns about recent changes to the environmental assessment process and to the Fisheries Act in the federal omnibus budget bill that raised so much controversy.
Immediately, he recommended the fisheries minister should get his ministry out of the business of promoting salmon farming, in order that its mandate to conserve salmon stocks not be in conflict with that role.
A new position should be established in the ministry to implement the Wild Salmon Policy which was released seven years ago to maintain biodiversity in Pacific salmon species and conserve stocks.
That new associate regional director-general should publish a detailed plan for implementing the policy by Mar. 31, 2013, he recommended.
He also made recommendations regarding funding, fishing and licensing, collection of fish health data from salmon farms and he recommended specific research be done to establish the likelihood of the farms contributing to the decline in Fraser River sockeye stocks.
Rather than a single cause to the problem of declining stocks, Cohen listed a perfect storm of issues plaguing the iconic B.C. fish.
To read the entire, three-volume report, go to:
If the federal government implements all the recommendations of the Cohen Commission inquiry into the decline of sockeye salmon in the Fraser River, I’m confident the state of those stocks would improve markedly over time, and if we’re not too late.
It may require some pressure from those of us who care about conservation of this precious stock to help our MPs make the decision to implement all his recommendations, so I would suggest you drop a quick note to your local MP and to the fisheries minister making that suggestion—just so they know it’s an issue that’s even important to those of us living far from the Fraser.
Unfortunately, at the moment, the fisheries portfolio is being ‘caretaken’ by minister for national revenue Gail Shea, since the recently-appointed minister, Keith Ashfield, who hails from New Brunswick, just suffered a heart attack.
She’s another MP who lives far, far from the Fraser, (on the east coast) but you can reach her at:
Okanagan-Coquihalla MP Dan Albas can be reached at:, while Kelowna-Lake Country MP Ron Cannan can be reached at:
Judie Steeves writes about outdoors issues for the Capital News.

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Brendan & Nathan Schlamp Win Big with Private Island Charters

Brendan and Nathan Schlamp with Pirate Island Charters at Hope with their Salmon on the trip they won at Shannon lake during the Family Fishing Weekend. Thanks to Private Island Charters for donating such a great prize!

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Global Television Cancels Hunting Shows in 2013 Programming

Follow up to “Global Television Cancels Hunting Shows from it’s 2013 line-up”
Hello Canada in the Rough enthusiasts, due to the tremendous amount of feedback that we received from our last communication regarding the cancellation of all hunting shows on Global Television, we wanted to provide an update to help answer some of the commonly asked questions.
Canada in the Rough will continue to air on Global until December 30, 2012. If Global does not reverse their decision, Beasley Brothers Outdoors Inc. will continue to look for other network options to air Canada in the Rough but it is unknown at this point whether we will be successful in that pursuit or not.
It is widely believed that this decision started as a result of pressure from an anti-hunting group that urged its members to contact Global and complain about the hunting shows. For more information, go to
The following is a list of articles written about this travesty of our hunting heritage:




There is an online petition that you can sign to show your support of Global reversing this decision at CLICK HERE to view online petition
The anti-hunting group that started this fight has created a counter-petition and in that petition they state: “It is our fervent hope that this will start a proactive trend in broadcasting communities globally!”
There is your proof and make no mistake about it. This is not just a battle affecting Canadians and this is not just a decision made by the executives at SHAW. Our hunting heritage is under attack by those who don’t understand it and lack the desire to educate themselves. If we lose our right to broadcast hunting on national television, the anti-groups will get stronger and will not stop there. They will go after hunting across the world and will not stop until they’ve taken all of our privileges away. It’s time to stand up and be counted. Complacency will not save our hunting heritage.
If you wish to share your thoughts with Global regarding this decision, please email as well as and or call 1-877-307-1999.
From all of us here at Canada in the Rough, and on behalf of all hunters across this great nation, thank you for your support and remember to enjoy the greatness of Canada and be proud of your hunting heritage.
Keith Beasley, Paul Beasley & Kevin Beasley
Executive Producers
Canada in the Rough

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Fishing Forever ….. by Judie Steeves

Catch of the Day

Both the lake and the eyes of the 40 or so people with special needs sparkled Sat., July 21 in Peachland as they fished for the big one off the dock or along the lake downtown, with the help of some 50 or so volunteers from the Peachland Sportsman’s Association.
Peachland Lions then flipped burgers and hotdogs provided by Peachland IGA for lunch for all involved and served refreshments to the delighted anglers.


Fishing Forever is a program of the B.C. Wildlife Federation, with events organized around the province every year. It’s been an annual event for many years in Peachland, organized by Al Springer, who is also now head of the BCWF committee responsible for Fishing Forever.


Excited laughter and big grins greeted the volunteers who helped cast lines out into the water and show new anglers how to feel when they’ve got a fish on the line. But, the biggest job is probably that done behind the scenes by the many seasoned anglers who repair and unravel tackle after it’s got caught on the rocks or amongst the weeds and a line has broken.
New rods, already prepared for the day by volunteers, replace the ones with the broken line and another angler gets back to the day’s business, sitting by the water in the sun and catching fish.


It’s a day’s outing that is obviously an exciting opportunity for participants, and it’s rewarding for volunteers as well to help bring a few hours of happiness to these anglers.


At this year’s event, Linn Patterson received a trophy for catching the largest and the first fish, for her three carp, which were nearly two feet in length.


Second was Rob Roseberry who landed a just-slightly smaller carp, while tied for third were Lucy Depatie and Nette Elfaure.
Eyvonne Johnston caught the smallest fish.


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Have a Wonderful Summer!

Winding things up for the summer months, the PSA held their summer wrap-up meeting at John & Madelene Hannah’s home in Glenrosa. After the usual business portion of the meeting was finished the Hannah;’s hosted a beautiful wine, pop & cheese social. We had a great turn out and the weather couldn’t have been nicer.
The executive and directors wish everyone a fun and safe summer and remind all of our members the next meeting after the summer break will be on September 19th . Don’t forget… we do not hold a meeting in October as most of us are away hunting.
Although we do not formally meet over the summer, the PSA members are still active and busy with various projects. Keep an eye on the website for opportunities that may interest you or that you might want to help out with. As an example, we are always looking for volunteers to help out during the PSA Fishing Forever day held in Peachland on July 21st. If you would like to help out, please give Al Springer a call. Check out the Calendar of events or call 250-767-2287 or email Al at


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Fathers Day Derby a Big Success


The Fathers Day Fishing Derby last Saturday at Shannon Lake was a real hit! Al Springer reported over 80 people attended and although it was a wet day, everyone had a great time!


The largest trout was caught by Brandon Schlamp who won the first prize of a fishing trip for two on the Fraser River, supplied by Pirate Island Charters. The largest bass was landed by Jacob Jarec. Congratulations to all!



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Thank-You – Bethany Froehlich !


Ken Sward, President of the Okanagan Region of the BCWF couldn’t have expressed it any better in thanking Bethany Froehlich for organizing the PSA Youth Fishing Day at Shannon Lake. Ken stated:


“On behalf of everyone in Region 8, I would like to extend our most sincere appreciation for the organizational skills and work that you have put into this initial project. Three months ago, we did not have a youth committee chair. You have brought this a long way in a short time frame.
I will be forwarding your report to the Provincial Board for their information, as there is much to be learned here, and we will be discussing some strategies, etc., at our meeting on Saturday.
Once again, Thank you for a job very well done!!”
Ken Sward
Reg 8 Pres.

Congratulations Bethany on a Great Job!
Read Bethany’s full report on the Youth Fishing Event

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Youth Fishing Day a Whole Lot of FUN!


The Shannon Lake Youth Fly Fishing event on June 2 was a great success.  We had about 42 youth come out to the event throughout the day. While not everyone caught a fish, everyone had an enjoyable time and many youth (and their parents/guardians) said they would like to be notified of future events that included either fishing or shooting.


Since we had planned on having between 30 and 50 youth at the event, 42 was perfect. As the youth arrived, we started them out tying flies and then progressed to fly casting under the supervision of volunteers from the Peachland Sportsmen’s Association. Once they caught the hang of casting, they tried fly fishing (many of them for the first time).  While fly fishing is not everyone’s cup of tea, and several youth chose to do regular spin casting instead, everyone enjoyed themselves and many will be back for the Father’s Day Fishing Derby on June 16.


Most of the youth in attendance were from Westbank and Peachland, but several came from Kelowna as well. Also, many of the attendees are not currently members of a local fish and game association, but were interested in pursuing membership. At our next event we will need membership forms from all the neighbouring clubs. This way we can connect people with the club in in their area quickly, and with less confusion. For example, rather than giving someone from Kelowna a Peachland Sportsmens Association membership, we would give them a membership from the Kelowna (or Oceola) clubs. Then, all the clubs in the region gain membership instead of the single club or association hosting the event. We want to connect new members with the club closest to them.


In relation to needing membership forms from the neighbouring clubs, we also need to have representation from those clubs in attendance. These are regional events, so the whole region needs to be participating. Region 8 is very large and sprawling and not very central, so it is very hard to have a representative from every club at every event. However, we do need representation and involvement from at least two of the neighbouring or closest clubs. For example, if there was a shooting event in Oliver, we would need participation from the Keremeos and Summerland clubs at the event.

This doesn’t necessarily mean required participation in the planning of the event (if individuals want to participate in the planning, that’s great), but rather as a physical presence at the event.


Attendees to this event were between the ages of 10 and 18, with the majority under age 16. This is typical for most youth-oriented events, since most young people between the ages of 17 and 18 are more attracted to things and events aimed at people in their early twenties.


Also, an issue that came up in the planning of this event at Shannon Lake was that of liability insurance. The Regional District needed to see the certificate of insurance for liability of the host club (the Peachland Sportsmen’s Association). Thankfully the PSA’s liability insurance is up to date, but this raises the issue of how current the event/liability insurance is for all the clubs in region 8.  This is an issue we should keep on top of, simply as good housekeeping.


Also, a huge thanks is due to all the volunteers from the Peachland Sportsmen’s Association for their help at the event, and also to the various members of the region who helped in the planning process.


All in all, the Shannon Lake Fishing event was a good event, and I look forward to many more.


Bethany Froehlich

Peachland Sportsmen’s Association

Region 8

Download the Report

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Spring Lake Vandalized by Campers

Spring Lake has long been one of my favourite spots to visit. It is a peaceful little place not too far up the old Brenda Mine Road where you can unwind and relax, fish for some trout, hike or trail ride. For the most part, people respect its natural state at least, that is, until the May long weekend when one of our members, James Springer, happened upon a bunch of campers partying all weekend. I find it hard to believe that anyone can disrespect the environment to such an extent. Watch the Video:


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