Gun Giveaway Contest from Winmar Property Restoration Specialists

The Gun Giveaway Contest from Winmar Property Restoration Specialists ends THIS FRIDAY (Feb 28). You could win a Rem, Mag Tikka T3 Lite Stainless!
How to enter:
Step 1: Like the Winmar Property Restoration Specialists (
Step 2: Take a picture of your Winmar magnet on your fridge or water heater (you got a magnet at the banquet!)
Step 3: Post your picture on the Winmar Restoration Specialists Facbeook page (
Step 4: Share the Winmar Property Restoration Specialists Facebook page with your friends.
Complete steps 1-4 in this Facebook giveaway and you could win this 7mm Rem. Mag. Tikka T3 Lite in Stainless!!

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Game Banquet News!!

Valued PSA Members and Friends,
We are in the final stretch of preparations for this year’s Game Dinner and Fund Raiser and I wanted to give you a short update on where things are at; Your PSA team has been pulling out all the stops to make sure this year’s event will be a great success. We have had an outpouring of support from sponsors and there have been many people who have stepped up to help shoulder the load. A big thanks to everyone!
The buffet menu is amazing, and the caterers have assured us the food will be over the top in quality and quantity. Stuntman Steve and the DJ are preparing to give us a great time, and there are many fantastic prizes including two fishing trips, FIVE RIFLES, a helicopter tour and much more!
We still have a some tickets available and are shooting for a sold out event. So, if you know anyone that might be interested in attending to support or work with hunting, fishing and conservation encourage them to join us for a great evening and for a great cause. Tickets can be purchased at Valley Glass in Westbank and Antler Creek in West Kelowna.
Brenton Froehlich
President, Peachland Sportsmens Association

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Beginners Fly Tying Course

Big fish like tasty looking flies. Spend this winter getting ready for next fishing season by learning how to tie flies that fish can’t resist while having some fun telling tales of the ones that got away. Some materials provided to help you get started.
Course Dates are each Monday from 7 to 9 pm (except Feb 17th) from January 27th until March 3rd.
For more information and/or register online at:
Equipment supplied, if you have your own bring it.

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Thank You Bald Range Work Party

Hi all,
I just want to thank all of you for spending your Saturday morning working to help restore the Bald Range pocket grassland, instead of going off and having fun doing something less productive…
It was great meeting you all and working with you and I feel satisfied that we achieved a good beginning at healing that big scar that runs down through the middle of Bald Range. It will be interesting to have a look a year from now, or even after the next rainstorm. I’m certain our check dams will have worked to slow the water and begin to fill in that gully.
As you could see, there’s lots left to do, so perhaps I’ll be in touch again to see if you’re up to stretching those muscles another day.
I don’t have everyone’s e-mail, so please extend my thanks to friends you brought with you.
It’s amazing what you can accomplish if everyone pulls together. It seemed insurmountable at the beginning, but we got a lot done.
Thanks again,

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Volunteers Needed toHelp on Saturday, July 20th

Put this day on your Calendar to come out and help those with handicaps & disabilities learn how to fish.
We will meet at Heritage Park in Peachland on Saturday, July 20th at 9:30 am to set-up and get ready with the fishing program running from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm.
If you know for sure you can come and help please contact Al Springer at

Fishing Forever came into existence in 1989. The idea came from a broadcast journalist named Walt Liimatainen. The basic idea was to create a venue through which people with disabilities could learn to, or continue to, fish and enjoy the outdoors. Fishing Forever wants all of the B.C. clubs to recognize that there are people in their community that could benefit greatly from a day out fishing, if they could only get there… And help make that happen.
Fishing Forever also wants to help spread the message, within the community of people with disabilities, that you can still get out and enjoy the natural offerings around you. Though it may require some help you didn’t need before, it can be done if you want it and are willing to try. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.
So come on out and enjoy a great time fishing with the Peachland Sportsmen’s Association. We’ll have lots of volunteers to help get you fishing with plenty of expert instruction. All bait and tackle will be supplied free and there will also be a tasty BBQ as well. Just Do It!

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Bald Range Grassland – Work Party

With the help of a small grant from the Public Conservation Assistance Fund,
(Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation and province of B.C.), the Peachland
Sportsman’s Association is organizing a work party to begin some restoration
work on the Bald Range pocket grassland off Bear Main Forest Service Road
and restore some valuable ungulate winter range.
With the help of a small grant from the Public Conservation Assistance Fund,
(Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation and province of B.C.), the Peachland
Sportsman’s Association is organizing a work party to begin some restoration
work on the Bald Range pocket grassland off Bear Main Forest Service Road
and restore some valuable ungulate winter range.
We’re hoping you can come out Saturday, June 8 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. or so
to help remove some of the smaller trees that have encroached on the
grassland, and cut them up with Swede saws into lengths with which to build
modified check dams in some of the former trails that have become incised
down the hill. That will help to slow the flow of water that continues to erode
those trails deeper and deeper into the hillside and ultimately cause those
gulleys to be filled in instead of worsening.
You don’t need to be young and strong to come out and help, though we will
need some strong young arms and legs for some of the work.
I do need to know who is able to join us, (in part for lunch arrangements)
so please reply as soon as you can to let me know if you can come out and
If you have chainsaw safety certification and are able to join us, please
let me know, as it would be helpful to have some of the trees removed using
a chainsaw, but we don’t want anyone using one who doesn’t have the
certification. We will need some Swede saws, rakes, shovels etc.
I will reply with instructions about where to meet etc., when I hear back
from you.
Thanx very much.

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Bear Hunting Clinic Well Attended


Bear Hunting Clinic

March 20, 2013
The Peachland Sportsmen’s Association (PSA) held a bear hunting clinic at the local community centre Wed evening from 6 to 8 pm. The event was facilitated by PSA members Brenton Froehlich and Brent Tingstad and sponsored by Kelowna Taxidermy and Grouse River Outfitters. 47 local residents with an interest in bear hunting turned out for the event, with most of the attendees being novice or “want to be” bear hunters.
The PSA hosted the clinic to encourage hunters to take advantage of the great bear hunting opportunities we have B.C., to equip novice bear hunters with the tools they need to be successful and to provide additional resources to those who have some experience but want to expand their knowledge base for success.
The clinic covered 13 different topics including; hunt planning, strategy & tactics, judging bears from a distance and what to do after the shot.
Thank you to all who came out for the evening to the ladies who provided the refreshments, to Amber from Grouse River and to Harley from Kelowna Taxidermy for their support.
There will not be clinic in April due to the PSA Annual General Meeting and pot-luck dinner but stay tuned for another timely event in the month of May.

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See What You Missed! Predator Hunting Clinic


PSA Predator Hunting Clinic

The Peachland Sportsmen’s Association held a predator hunting clinic for the local hunting community Wed Feb 20th at the Peachland community centre.  The event was attended by about 20 people who shared their experiences and strategies for successful predator hunting.  Discussions centered around the use of traditional and electronic game calls for Coyote and Wolf  hunting but also  touched on the use of game calls for hunting other predator species such as Bobcat, Lynx, Cougar and Bears.  In addition to the hunting side of the clinic, retired trapper Ken Deward provided advice on the skinning and preparation of furs for those interested in shipping pelts to the fur auction.
The discussion which included detailed “how to” information from a few of the more successful Coyote hunters laid out some good strategies for success when using an electronic call:

  1. Pre-scout a good location to set up your calling activities. During the winter season Coyotes are busy working the winter ranges used by Mule and Whitetail Deer so concentrate your efforts in these areas looking for Canyons, and large opens spaces with good shooting options.
  2. Try to find an area with lots of tracks and if you can find a kill site where predators have been feeding you will have a big advantage.
  3. Choose your shooting position so you have a good line of site down-wind.
  4. Have your electronic caller set out at least 100 yards from your location.
  5. Plan to be in position early in the morning. Start off with a “Locator” call to see if you can get a response from local Coyotes.
  6. As soon as you get a response switch to a “Challenge”, or ” Female Coyote” call.
  7. Use “fawn in distress” calls to bring them in for a shot.  (One hunter said that he has had success calling in both Coyotes and Wolves with a “Rabbit in distress” call)
  8. After shooting immediately switch to a “Coyote in distress”.
  9. If you have not had any responses to your calling in about a half hour, pack up and move to another location.

This information should be enough to get anyone started in the right direction.  As will all hunting, time and experience will do the rest.
Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the event!  Special thanks to Amber and the team at Grouse River Outfitters for their donation of three (3) PRIMOS games calls that were awarded as door prizes.  If you were not able to attend the event, Grouse River has a great selection of hand held and electronic calls to help get you equipped for your next hunting adventure!  I would also like to thank Ken Deward for his donation of a Coyote stretching frame that was also given as a prize and thanks to Randy Rhode who let us borrow his new Fox Pro electronic game call for the evening.
Be sure to come out the Peachland Community Centre at 6:00 PM March 20th for a 2 hour Bear hunting clinic.  We will have a great panel presentation, product demos and lots of discussion to help you be successful when you head for the bush looking for boo boo.
Brenton Froehlich
Peachland Sportsmen’s Association.

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Thank You Game Banquet Sponsors


Thank You Very Much to all of the individuals & businesses who sponsored our 28th Annual Game Banquet & Dance. Your support is what makes our programs in the community possible.
Sponsor Page 1

Sponsor Page 2
Sponsor Page 3
Banquet Sponsors Page 4

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Upcoming CORE & PAL Course

The Conservation Outdoor Recreation Education (CORE) course is for anyone 10 or older who is interested in getting their BC hunter number, and/or their PAL (Possession Acquisition License). This event is sponsored by MSBC and the Peachland Sportsman’s Club.
This course requires a large amount of class time. The fee will cover all of your food, accommodations, and requirements for obtaining your CORE Certification. If ordering a CORE textbook, it can be picked up at Maple Springs Bible Camp.
Contact Keith Brown (250) 317-5629 or Al Springer (250) 870-1976 for further information on the CORE Course .
Note: You must be over 18 and have no outstanding court orders against you regarding firearms in order to write the PAL Test.
Starts at 6:00 pm on Friday April 5, 2013 to April 7, 2013
CORE Fee $175.00
CORE Textbook $20.00
PAL Test Challenge Fee $25.00

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