BCWF Convention – Youth Program Report by Bethany Froehlich

Every year the youth program at the BCWF AGM & Convention is enjoyable. We learn new things and add to the knowledge we previously had.
Again, the youth program didn’t disappoint – the Courtenay club did a great job of hosting us and finding new activities.
On the first day of the Convention, we toured the Comox Air Force base and met pilots from Aurora crew and 19 Wing, search and rescue pilots and SARTEK personnel. This was definitely an unequaled experience – especially for those of us from the interior who aren’t often around the influence of the Air Force and military communities.
One of our guides, Daryl Lacompte, has been a search and rescue technician (SARTECH) member for over 23 years, parachuting and skydiving into remote areas on search and rescue operations. All SARTECH personnel are qualified paramedics. To get into the SARTECH school, individuals must run 1.5 km, climb up and down a 22 foot rope twice, do 13 pull ups, 40 push ups, and 50 sit ups, all in under 17 minutes. Sgt. Lecompte completed it in 12.45 minutes, showing just how intense they really are.
Youth Delagates at SARTECH Base
We watched the SARTECH recruitment video, and a youth delegate from Victoria suited up as they would if they were called in. This ensemble weighed about 200 lbs – this is an average weight for search and rescue operation on land.
We also went inside one of the Buffalo search and rescue airplanes and got to sit in the cockpit – then we realized why none of the pilots were over 5 feet 8 inches!
Thursday evening, during the BBQ night at the Courtenay Fish and Game clubhouse, we participated in various shooting activities from archery to skeet and trap to cowboy action. Shooting is always the highlight of the youth program, and the cowboy action set-up was definitely a hit with all of the youth delegates.
On Friday we toured the new Deep Bay Marine Research Facility and Field Station. Currently, they are working to re-establish populations of various shellfish species that have declined due to over-harvesting and pollution.
The last day of the convention was also the dirtiest! The Comox Valley ATC club took all 17 youth delegates out for a very muddy quad ride around part of Comox Lake. It was tons of fun, and by the end of the ride everyone was thoroughly soaked!
Other highlights of the Convention were meeting Echo Bay biologist Alexandra Morton and President of the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC, Don Peterson.
Spending most of my time at the convention with the other youth delegates gave me a great opportunity to see what other regions and clubs do for youth programs. I also started to get a better scope of ideas for what kind of events they enjoyed in particular.
The frequency of youth programs/activities varied from club to club, but the favourite activity by far was (of course) shooting. The enthusiasm for shooting didn’t seem to be limited to one particular kind. I just kept hearing the same message from all the youth I spoke to: they just wanted more opportunity to shoot – be it archery, trap, or small bore.
It was a great experience and I’m glad to have been able to represent Region 8 as a youth delegate for the 2012 BCWF AGM & Convention.
Bethany Froehlich
Peachland Sportsmen’s Association

Photos courtesy of Josh McDonald and Brian Huber


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