Bald Range Grassland Work Party – Can You Help?

Hi all,
A work party to continue on restoration of the pocket grassland off Bear Main FSR has been set for Sat., Sept. 6 and it would be much appreciated if you could forward this information to everyone you feel might be interested in helping out, including the membership of your group, if appropriate.
This is a follow-up to our work there – June 8, 2013, which was aided by a small grant from the Public Conservation Assistance Fund of the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation—but we plan to do some different sorts of work this time.
At that time, we worked on restoration of a fall line trail created by dirt biking in the past, which runoff turned into a gully. We will continue to build check dams from small trees adjacent to the gully, which we’ll fall with Swede saws and cut to lengths to wedge into that cut, to slow the flow of water.
As well, we may remove lower dead limbs from some of the veteran trees that dot the grassland and the dead needles from underneath in order to protect them from wildfire. That will also be used to build check dams in the gully, and to try and smother some of the St. John’s Wort that’s infesting portions of the grassland.
We’ll meet at the Upper Pits, which are to the right off Bear Main, at km 11 after the gravel pit, about a kilometre up Bald Range Main.
Although the campfire ban has been lifted, it’s likely conditions will still be dry, so we must take every precaution against forest fire, including not using chainsaws, so please bring shovels, rakes, Swede or other hand saws, gloves and water.
I’ll make you some treats, but bring your own coffee if you wish.
We intend to organize another work party once the forest fire danger has passed, likely in early November, when chainsaws can be used to deal with larger pieces.
Please rsvp by Sept. 3 to give us an idea how many will be coming out.
Look forward to seeing you,

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