Bald Range Grassland Report….. by Judie Steeves

Volunteers Darren Brezden and Andrew Walker remove the lower limbs from a venerable, century-old pine tree on the Bald Range grassland on the Westside Saturday as part of a long-term grassland restoration project spearheaded by the Peachland Sportsmens Association, with the Oceola Fish and Game Club, Central Okanagan Naturalists and Okanagan Trial Riders.
The work is aimed at helping to protectal the few old veteran trees that dot the grasslands from fire, while encroaching small trees are removed to keep it a grassland. As well, the volunteers worked on building check dams to help fill in a gully created from erosion to a fall-line trail that is no longer used now that sustainable off-road trails have been constructed in the area. A $4,500 grant from the Public Conservation Assistance Fund of the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation helped with the cost of the project.
Bald Range Workers
by…Judie Steeves


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