2017Christmas Potluck Comments and/or Suggestions and PSA Answers

  • Use the microphone for speakers so we can hear!
    • PSA answer – Now have use of private speaker and microphone for events starting with the March 24 Game Banquet Fundraiser and will not be using built-in microphone in future.
  • More activities for children 0-5 years old
    • PSA answer – Activities prepared for different age groups starting with the March 24 Game Banquet Fundraiser
  • Just want to say a big thank you to all the members for the scholarship. Ross is doing well and enjoying his 1st year of university at UBC Okanagan. also, thank you so much to everyone who worked so hard in the kitchen to make this fabulous meal!
    • PSA answer – Thank you for the update!!!  A huge thank you to everyone who contributed food, labour and time!!!  Without the assistance of volunteers and supporters PSA would not be able to contribute to the Communities; and we thank you all!  Remember that Our Game Banquet is our major fundraiser and it is March 24 2018; tickets still available.

From the children at the Potluck

  • Some activities for kids
  • Variety of prizes
  • All of the food was great
  • Activities like archery
  • Thank you and see you next year
  • I love the foods and treats you put out
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